Linley’s Blog

It’s weird and dark and laced with black Glasgow humour – if Sookie Stackhouse were powered by Irn Bru…

While out paddleboarding on Loch Lomond to distract herself after being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend of five years, Linley got into a scuffle with some vikings and lost a year of her life. As if getting on the wrong side of some grouchy lost-in-time vikings weren’t bad enough, her long lost grandfather has also shown up… and he is 22 years old. And Linley isn’t quite sure if she can trust him.

And just to really make her day, a spate of brutal murders has had Police Scotland completely baffled – but two detectives are becoming increasingly convinced that Linley knows more than she is telling.

She reports on her life in her blog as she lives it. It’s just like any personal blog with the odd crabbit viking and 22 year old grandfather and trying to persuade the police you haven’t ripped anyone limb from limb.

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