A brand’s best friend is its copywriter

If you want people to read your copy, you need a copywriter who knows what people want to read.

Everyone loves to chat SEO and keywords these days, but the truth is, if you’re going to manipulate anyone with some clever metadata, it’s not going to be a Google-bot. They’re a step ahead of even the sneakiest copywriter and they’re always going to be. Most likely they’re going to take over the world one day, but we can’t worry about that right now.

What drives consistent, returning traffic to your website and customers to your brand, isn’t keyword-heavy gobbledygook, but copy that makes people curious enough to read on. The key element of successful copy hasn’t changed a bit since cavemen huddled around campfires: it’s storytelling.

Tell someone a story and they’ll remember what you have to say.

When we were little, we weren’t just told rules, were we? We were told a story about someone’s brother’s cousin who did just what we weren’t supposed to and look what happened to them…

And we remembered the lesson.

Tell someone a funny story, a thrilling story, a story that makes them think – and they’re yours.

Oboarding emails work on the exact same principle as a Netflix marathon: you enjoy one, so you open the next. And the next and the next and before you know it it’s 4am, you’ve eaten your bodyweight in pizza and are afraid of three dimensional humans. Or, you’ve upgraded your subscription because you’ve been swept up into an adventure you don’t want to end.

Conversion is simply a matter of making people irresistibly curious about happens next.

You need a copywriter who understands that.

Storytelling is my driving principle. Whether it’s a press release, a product description or error message: it’s all a matter of hooking people and making them wonder what happens if they just click a bit further. As long as you have their attention, you have their business, and that’s what I can do for you.

The principle applies equally to more formal copy for your B2B clients: white papers and corporate brochures that take readers on a journey both stand out, and open doors.

My background in fiction and drama not only means that hooking readers is my stock in trade, but also allows me specialise in creating a bespoke and vibrant brand character and TOV that captures your brand image and connects with your customers. Whether it’s corporate or quirky, it’ll be as though your product sat up and started chatting.

Though not in a creepy way.

Give me a shout at claire@csduffy.com or using the contact form below for rates and availability.

Current and recent clients include Swedish ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors A-Z sportswear, Universal Avenue and Magine TV. (Full CV and work samples available upon request.)

Handy life tip, BTW: if you’re ever working at an oil refinery in the American Midwest, don’t start a lunchtime debate about gun control.

See? You want to hear that story now, don’t you?

Get in touch and I might just tell it to you…