Argh is there anything worse than the period between falling in love with a flat and knowing whether or not it’s yours? (I mean, yes, obviously, loads of things.) One of the more annoying aspects of being a serial ex-pat is that just when you’ve got the hang of one country you’re off to the […]

Oh my goodness the STUFF going on right now. It’s all a bit dizzying and bonkers and brilliant, but before I get into it, I have to tell you about my creepy walk home last night. I’m staying at my parents’ for a few weeks mid Sweden>Scotland move, which has the fun advantage (amongst many!) […]

A few years ago, I was commissioned to write a pilot script for Swedish Television. It was based on a producer’s idea, which I’d developed a bit more and come up with a story for the first episode. It was a sitcom, about a woman in her late forties or so who’d been primarily a […]

So Hiddleswift is no more. I’m feeling a bit guilty. After breathlessly following their every move for, ooh, at least a week, I then forgot about them for a bit and now I’m wondering if that’s what killed them. Like Tinkerbell. The most distressing aspect of all this – because if I’m honest, I suspect […]

Pretend none of this happened It’s been a fairly bonkers week or two round these parts. My flat is sold – gone! Just like that, to one of the tallest men I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’ve lived in Sweden for five years. He seems very nice, and has promised to take care of […]

Today is SERIES LAUNCH DAY!! My favourite day of the… well, every few months really. Here’s the thing: I love series. Love, love, love them. It’s my favourite way to write. Although each project I’ve done has been plotted before I launch and I try to stay at least a week or two ahead of what’s […]

Ghostbusters. Loved it. Truly, madly and deeply. I’m a sucker for a proper popcorn movie. While my film school friends extol Woody Allen (pretentious shite) and Wes Anderson (just… what?), I’m all about wisecracking aliens blowing shit up. At least when it comes to movies made in my lifetime: few can hold a candle to Billy Wilder […]

I spent last weekend in Glasgow. Flathunting. Well, I say flathunting. I saw two flats then got bored and went paddleboarding, but the important thing is I made a start. And paddleboarding Loch Lommond is excellent, so win/win. In a few weeks, I’m not going to be an ex-pat any more. For the first time […]

One evening over dinner sometime in the early 80s, in a fit of pique over being ordered to finish my vegetables, I announced I was leaving home. “Off you go then,” said my parents, smirking. “Best of luck to you.” “Okay…” I muttered shakily, shuffling reluctantly down from my seat. I made it about three steps […]