Hi, I’m Claire!

I’m a screenwriter, copywriter, blogger, podcaster… basically wherever there’s words, I’ll be there, trying to get someone to pay me.

I go by C.S. Duffy for fiction, because apparently there’s a Claire Duffy who writes erotica which my mum came across and thought was me and frankly neither of us have quite recovered from the shock.

This autumn I’ll taking a flying leap into the world of self publishing with the launch of the first of a series of psychological thrillers set in Glasgow:

Follow along the journey to release day AND get to see me feeling like a plonker recording videos around Glasgow at my video diary series on YouTube (starting soon!)

I also write Linley’s blog, the personal blog of a personal trainer and accidental time traveller. It’s weird and bonkers and dark and I love it.

For the moment it’s  running as an ongoing blog (I post as often as I can, sometimes there’s a flurry as things heat up), and one of these days it will become my second book series… one of these days!

And last but by no means least I run the Hollywoodland project, dedicated to uncovering and celebrating the pioneering female filmakers working at the dawn of Hollywood.

My Women of Hollywoodland podcast is running right now, with new episodes released every Friday.

The thriller feature I wrote, Guilty, has just had a 2018 shoot confirmed, and I am working on TV projects in both Sweden and the UK that I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon!

My writing has been featured in Elle Canada, Your Living City Stockholm and The Guardian, and I write copy and blogs for a variety of clients, including several Swedish tech startups and A-Z sportswear by Zlatan Ibrahimović.

So that’s me! What’s new with you?